1819  Queen Victoria is born
1820  Florence Nightingale is born.
1826  The first photograph is taken by Joseph Nicophore Niepce.
1834          Slavery is banned in British colonies.
1835-1841 Brunel builds the London to Bristol railway.
1837          Victoria is crowned queen.
1837          Charles Dickens publishes "Pickwick Papers".
1838          Brunel builds the Great Western paddle steamer making
  the Bristol to New York crossing in under 15 days.
1840         Queen Victoria marries her cousin Prince Albert.
1840          Penny post is instituted.
1844          The potato famine in Ireland begins.
1845          The propeller driven steam ship, the S.S. Great Britain is built
  by Brunel.
1848          Karl Marx and Frederich Engels publish the "Communist
1851          The Crystal Palace was built to house the Great Exhibition
  of 1851.  
1853          The beginning of the Crimean War.
1854          Florence Nightingale organizes nursing in the Crimea.
1856   Crimean War ends.
1859         Charles Darwin publishes "Origin of Species"
1860          First difinitive textbook on nursing published by Florence
1861          Prince Albert dies of typhoid fever at age 42.  
1861-1865 American Civil War
1865          President Abraham Lincoln assasinated. 
1867          Disraeli introduces a law so all taxpayers can vote.
1868          Disraeli becomes Prime Minister but is defeated shortly after
  in an election .
1868          The last shipment of prisoners is transported from England to
1869          Ferdianand de Lisseps builds the Suez Canal.
1874          Disraeli becomes Prime Minister.
1875          Britain buys controlling interest in the Suez Canal.
1876          Queen Victoria becomes Empress of India.
1877         Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell invents the
1877         The phonograph is invented by U.S. inventor Thomas Edison.
  The first words recorded were "Mary had a little lamb."
1879         The electric light bulb is invented by Thomas Edison.
1885         The first automobile is built by Karl Benz.
1888         Jack the Ripper terrorizes the East End of London.
1893         New Zealand is the first country to give women the right to vote.
1901         Queen Victoria dies at the age of 82 after a 64 year reign.     
During The Life Of Queen Victoria
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