The thought of Victorian life brings up a variety of images.  An age of innocence and simplicity, the age of great inventions, fond images of a warm home life, child labor, grace and grandeur, poverty.  The Victorian age was all this and more.

Journey with us to the best of these long ago days.
The Pantry ~ Most recipies are authentic Victorian era recipies.

The Music Room ~ Lovely music to enjoy or put on a web site.  A
great collection of nice sounding midis incl-
uding Ragtime, Classical, Cakewalks, Popular
and Holiday music.

The Servants Hall ~ Learn the different duties of the servant class.

The Fan ~ Speaking Without Words

Calling Cards ~ The etiquette of paying a call

The Tea Room~ The history of tea.

Victoria ~ A biography of Queen Victoria

Christmas  ~ A few facts about Christmas in the Victorian Era.

Valentines Day ~ The history of Victorian valentines.

Halloween ~ A halloween celebration

Memorial Day ~ The history of an American holiday
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