Does the rustle of a long skirt, the swish of a fan and the dance of shadows cast from candle light fill your heart with a sense of nostalgia?  How about the delicate, musty smell from an old trunk, the velvety feel of old paper, wandering through antique stores full of lace and vintage furniture  for hours, the musical tinkling as a delicate old cup meets a saucer?  Do you want to know whoever thought up the idea for giving Christmas cards?    Want to know how courting couples "spoke" across a room without speaking, just the flutter of a fan?  Need some delightgful authentic Victorian recipes for a theme tea?  Then this site is for you, full of wonderful information on the customs, inventions, and everyday life in the Victorian era. 

Visit our site map on the next page to take you to pages on everyday life in the Victorian era, including the music our Victorians listened to, the way they dressed, the social order, the etiquette, and the food they ate.  There are also links to wonderful web sites where you can find anything from online Victorian e-greetings, to clothing patterns and furniture for your Victorian home.  Please e-mail me if you have a web site you'd like included on our links page.

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